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A new line of beautiful hair systems from England.
Now available in the US.


Shown at right:
Full wig in affordable Remy hair.
Color: Almond Roast Rooted

This family business in Manchester England offers beautiful hair solutions for women, with superior natural hair and improved base/cap constructions.

These natural hair wigs and top-pieces come in three different qualities to fit your budget: Remy, European, and Virgin European hair.

Call for an appointment to find the Dimples product that is right for you. Or if you know the item you want, we will gladly take your order over the phone.


Shown at right:
Top piece in affordable Remy hair.
Color: Tiramisu Blend


Technology has created great advancements in the production of top piece base and wig cap construction. Dimples offers eleven different bases to suit your preferences.